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Jack Endino - Sound Engineer / Producer / Musician

Check out some of the highlights from Question Session 2019 – Jack Endino discussing his experience at Question Session #questionsession
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Tim Hall Sub Pop Records

Check out some of the highlights from Question Session 2019 – Tim Hall discusses his experience of the event
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Music Lawyer Ann Harrison

Check out some of the highlights from Question Session 2019 - Ann Harrison discusses her experience of the event.
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Question Session 2019 Highlights

We would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the 2019 event last Friday! It was another great success!
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Secaina's Production and Sound Design​ Workshop

At this year's Question Session, we're very excited about the Ableton workshops! One of the workshops will be focusing on the exciting career of Secaina. Secaina is a natural polymath, she is a brilliant writer, astute producer and an excellent singer.
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Question Session 2019

Question Session will return with a full programme across two Glasgow city centre venues on February 8th. The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane will host this year’s daytime conference, followed by a live music event at The Old Hairdresser’s on Renfield Lane.
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The Beginners Tool-Kit Question Session 2018

Discover Ableton Live with the Producer-girls co-founder, Maya Nightwave. Producer-girls are collective of music producers who run free DIY music production workshops for women around the UK.
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Want to know how to create video content for a promotional campaign? Question Session 2018

Wavvy Music will deliver a workshop that is designed for those wanting to learn more about the importance of video content and how to create video footage.
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What financial support is there for musicians and musical projects?

One of the panels taking place at Question Session 2018 will look at the financial support available to musicians and musical projects.
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Want to know more about your rights as a session musician?

When performing on a recording it is important to know your rights as a session musician. Our latest informative video describes the recording process form a session musicians point of view.
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Ableton at this year's Question Session

Ableton will deliver a series of masterclasses and artist sessions which will introduce creative and production approaches to making music with Ableton Live 10 and Push.
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